5 Reasons to Study Abroad with the School of Communication & Journalism

admin / October 10, 2017

Auburn University offers diversity in many aspects of education and experiences. One of the greatest experiences Auburn offers is the opportunity to study abroad.

Studying abroad is an experience every Auburn student should take advantage of. The School of Communication and Journalism offers students the opportunity to study abroad and explore Europe.

The program offers students of any major and background the opportunity to to explore London for class credit. Why is studying abroad with the School of Communication and Journalism a good idea? Here are 5 reasons to study abroad.

1. Opportunity to Learn About Yourself and Another Culture

While studying abroad in London, I had the opportunity to learn so much about myself and experience another culture independently as an adult. We took business trips each day to Public Relations and Marketing rms which gave us the opportunity to experience the international business world.

The many cultural differences I noticed while in London became quite overwhelming. From the hotel rooms to the tubes (London’s transportation system) the cultures are so different it is refreshing to see life differently. Kimberly Sandy, a communication student who studied abroad in London said, “it’s a lifetime experience to travel with your peers and get out of your comfort zone.” Seeing the different cultures and just enjoying every little moment is something to remember. Not only can you learn something about yourself but you can broaden your perspective as well.”

2. Learn More About your Culture through a Different Lens

Before we went to London our teacher sent us an article on American culture and things to avoid that make us stand out in London. While traveling, we all would constantly realize how many things we do as Americans that are so different from the culture in England. Simply put, we need to learn how to communicate when we are out in public instead of being glued to our phones. Also, our southern etiquette definitely isn’t worldwide.

3. Strengthen Communication Skills

Learning how to communicate in a foreign country can be hard, but studying abroad will help strengthen communication skills. Learning how to communicate was difficult even though English is the primary language in London. I knew it was going to be difficult when I got on the plane and asked for ranch dressing to go with my meal and the flight attendant responded, “do you mean mayonnaise.” The School of Communication and Journalism required us to kept a blog of our experiences to strengthen our communication skills.

4. Unforgettable Experience

Amber Murrell, a psychology student stated, “I will always cherish the opportunity to learn about a culture outside of my own and have an unforgettable experience.” There is nothing like being able to go to the other side of the world and experience a completely different environment. Riding the tubes, visiting the London Bridge, and eating at countless restaurants is an experience many people dream of. Being able to take advantage of the opportunity to travel while furthering your education is priceless.

5. Budget Friendly

Who doesn’t want to travel on their parent’s dime? Taking advantage of the opportunity to travel while earning college credit is cost effective and smart. Auburn University offers scholarships for studying abroad as well as a detailed plan that gives your family an outline of expenses. The program offers a detailed list of expenses, an itinerary, and an overview of the program on the website.


To learn more about Auburn Abroadin London, contact Lauren Smith, study abroad director, at LMS0021@auburn.edu.

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